An Open Letter to Barrack Obama on Immigration Reform


Mr Obama – I refuse to call you president because you act more like a dictator that the elected servant of the people – you want immigration reform & refuse to enforce the laws on the books? Try these:
1) Any person in this country illegally will be finger-printed & DNA sampled
2) those records will be run against ALL open crimes
3) they will be prosecuted for any matches & sentenced accordingly
4) after serving any time they will be deported & barred from ever returning to the US
5) any illegal immigrant will be forbidden from any governmental assistance except lifesaving medical procedures
6) any funds earned, and good purchased with those funds, will be seized & sold – because illegal immigrants are not allowed to work & if they worked the obtained the job fraudulently
7) an instant (or at least no more than 72 hour turn around) staus check program will be instituted within 12 months
8) illegal immigrants will be fined $100/day for every day they worked in the US
9) employers – private or corporate – will be fined $1000/day/illegal immigrant employee – $10,000 if knowingly hired or hired without checking
10) a full length fence will be built from the pacific to the gulf of mexico – double physical layers backed up by technology & high levels of on the ground man power
11) any tunnels found will be blasted into ruin from one end to the other WHEREVER THE END IS.
12) Amend the constitution to deny automatic citizenship to children born in the US where BOTH parents are illegal citizens
13) deny all federal funding to any state, county, city or other municipality that provides permits &/or licenses to illegal immigrants
14) remove all federal educational support from ANY school or school system that accepts illegal immigrants
15) Children will not be a reason to allow parents to stay in the US – They can either take them with them or make other arrangements