Who am I ???


I am a conservative Christian, who was born in Missouri, grew up in northern Virginia & now lives in the Tampa Bay area.  Over the last few years I have become more vocal about my beliefs & thoughts.

Some of you will like the comments I post here & some (most likely liberals) will not.  I welcome any civil response.  This means no profanity or name calling as I intend to avoid those myself.  If you think I offended you, it is possible since I doubt everyone will agree with me.  If you think I insulted you – it is not intentional.  If you think I am not being “Politically Correct” – you are right.

I believe in equality under the law.  I believe we were founded as a country with Christian Morals & a firm understanding of right and wrong.  I believe in the rule of law. I believe in  the Constitution, Bill of Rights & other Constitutional  Amendments although – I do think the 16th amendment (allowing Income Tax) was a mistake.  I believe in the Declaration of Independence.


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